Welcome to the Family Tree of the CLOMA Clan
        This site was started for several number of reasons. It is not made to claim exclusive roots of the CLOMA clan nor ride itself to the more popular stem of the many stems of the CLOMA clan which specifically traces its roots back to the once-sleepy island of the province of Bohol but is now touted to be a major diving destination and boasts itself of white sand beaches with finess second only to Boracay. Long before Boracay's popularity, Panglao Island was already famous to many a seafarers and merchant marine people mainly due to the empetus works of Admiral Tomas Cloma who has left a legacy of being called "The Father of Philippine Maritime Education" and "The Discoverer of the Freedomland/Kalayaan Islands" located west off Palawan main island.

        It was then President Fidel Ramos who frequented Panglao Island during his time because he is a prolific diver. Dive spots are scattered all around Bohol. Pamilacan Island, Balicasag Island and Cabilao are the more famous sites. Other world-known attractions of Bohol include the very unique Chocolait Hills, the Tarsier, the famous Blood Compact Site and the many centuries-old churches in almost every town.

        But with all those natural attractions that Bohol is known for, one specific and unique characteristic of Boholanos is their natural migratory spirit. It is one of just a very few local group of Filipinos who has that trait. Most famous of all are the Ilocanos. Initial information found from the book written by Jose Abueva, Arnold Alamon and Ma. Oliva Domingo on the biography of Admiral Tomas Cloma, it was said that there were CLOMA clan members who were from Panglao Island and Camiguin Island. You can find Boholano traders in Mindanao down south and Leyte up north.

        As of recently, personally i can attest to this fact having to know several CLOMA family names in the internet social networks like Friendster and Facebook who are scattered all around the Philippines but is concentrated more in the areas of Camiguin, Butuan, Bohol and Manila. Other areas with a few CLOMA wanderers include Batangas, Cavite, Davao, Dumaguete, Siquijor, and Leyte. Not limited to the Philippines only, there are many CLOMA clan members who also migrated abroad and even intermarried with foreigners.

        It is hoped that thru this site, we can further connect the already documented presence of CLOMA clan members available online. Secondly, to leave a legacy for the next generation of Boholanos and the CLOMAs in particular to keep their unique identity and be proud of it. Thirdly, this site was made so that any events and updates can be known quickly by each separate stem of the clan. And lastly, to glorify God for His faithfullness to our generation.

        Please contact me if you have any concerns. Be blessed and a blessing to someone today!

Nerio Jamora Cloma